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Child Support Paternity Testing in Panama City, FL

Child Support Cases Rely on Evidence from DNA Testing

DNA testing is a common component of the evidence used in determining child support obligations in court proceedings and through state child support enforcement agencies. Common issues in child support cases that rely on DNA evidence to make a determination include:

  • Cases in which a mother seeks child support from the alleged father;
  • Cases in which a state agency seeks child support from the alleged father of a child on public assistance; and
  • Cases in which a man denies fathering a child and desires to exempt himself from a child support obligation (whether or not he is married to the child’s mother).

DNA Testing Establishes Biological Relationships

DNA testing establishes the genetic relationship between a child and its parents. In most cases, DNA test results resolve the question immediately and decisively. But courts and governmental agencies demand that results be proven reliable according to a stringent process before they can admit test results into evidence in the disputed child support case.

ARCpoint Labs’ of Panama City, FL trained and certified technicians follow precise protocols in every step of the DNA testing process, from sample collection to final reporting of the results, documenting every action taken along the way and by whom. These exacting standards insure your test results are reliable and can be used by courts and government agencies in the determination of the correct outcome for child support litigation.

Non-Invasive Prenatal DNA Paternity Testing

In the not-so-distant past there was no risk-free way to test the DNA of an unborn baby against a putative father until after the baby was born. Improvements in DNA testing technology have changed all that. Safe, accurate DNA testing is now available to identify the biological father of a fetus (baby) prior to birth, and as early as eight weeks into pregnancy.

ARCpoint Labs of Panama City, FL can perform a non-invasive test with no risk of miscarriage. Fetal DNA present in the blood of the pregnant mother can be compared to DNA collected from the alleged father or fathers via a cheek (buccal) swab. This form of pre-birth DNA testing has an accuracy level above 99%.

Confirming paternity in a reliable way early in the pregnancy increases the chances that parents can enter into voluntary child support agreements, reducing conflict and expense between parents.

ARCpoint Labs of Panama City, FL Offers Legally Admissible & Confidential DNA Test.

When you need a DNA test results you can count on to assist you in determining the truth in a claim for child support, contact ARCpoint Labs of Panama City, FL. ARCpoint Labs of Panama City, FL’s exacting quality control standards insure results that will be admissible into the court or agency proceedings.

To get started, contact ARCpoint Labs of Panama City, FL today!

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