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HPV in Panama City, FL

HPV Testing and ARCpoint Labs of Panama City, FL

NOTE: ARCpoint Labs of Panama City, FL does not perform this test.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection. There are more than 40 types of HPV that can infect the genital areas of both males and females. HPV can also infect the mouth and throat.

Most people who become infected with HPV do not even know they have it. Usually, if one partner has been diagnosed with HPV, their partner will also have it.

Ninety-percent of all HPV infections clear up on their own over a two-year period. However, sometimes HPV infections are not cleared and can cause:

  • Genital warts
  • Warts in the throat, which is a condition called Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis, or RRP. This occurrence in children is called juvenile-onset RRP.
  • Cervical cancer and other less common but serious cancers, including cancers of the vulva, vagina, penis, anus and oropharynx (back of throat including base of tongue and tonsils).

Testing for HPV can either be done by visual examination, pap or biopsy of a cancerous growth

Due to the complexity of testing for this STD, please see your physician or health department in your area.

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